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Dogged Decision Making & Tenacity

With financial operations, management and oversight

Small business, professional service firms, retail and real estate, you are our people.

That’s where we come in. Unleashed Financial Advocates is your partner in protecting your peace—and your profits.

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Our Unique Unleashed framework takes the 30k’ perspective, delivering the assessment, strategic plan, and systems implementation that will fortify a powerful buffer between your bottom line and the external change and disruption beyond your control.

We provide balanced bookkeeping, business strategy, and financial management through the lens of stewardship, protection, and preparedness for untethered adaptability and unrestrained value creation and it’s our job to make sure that you are ready to explore any option or chase any opportunity.

Michelle - Owner of UFA

Meet Michelle

Top Dog at UFA

Hi there, I’m Michelle.

I’ve built my entire career around helping small businesses embrace innovation, interconnectivity, and growth through financial stewardship and operational alignment. After all, future proofing business is a tough job, but you don’t have to do it alone.

I believe that the only way to truly insulate against the insanity of congested workflows, antiquated systems, and operating in silos is with an impeccable back-end financial infrastructure.

Consider me your ombudsman between analysis and action plans; I am here to help bridge business improvement and the day-to-day dollar decision-making and lay the foundation for your success and satisfaction.

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Partnership & Perspective, Footing & Fortitude

If you’re a small business who dare not be ineffective or irrelevant, get the Financial Stewardship, Systems Strategy, and Proactive Bookkeeping that inspires accountants and fosters operational elegance (streamlined and well-aligned). Reach out to start a conversation about how Unleashed Financial Advocates insulates entrepreneurs against the cost and chaos of not doing it right.