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Future Proofing & Empowering Small Businesses

Impeccable back-end bookkeeping and an infrastructure that supports innovation, adaptability, and growth.

Financial Steward, Systems Strategist, and Professional Services Bookkeeping Specialist, at your service.

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Firms, agencies, and proactive practices who dare not be ineffective or irrelevant, set yourself free from the insanity of congested workflows, antiquated systems, and operating in silos.

What UFA Can Do for You

  • Keep the business books — and the book of business — thriving
  • Operational elegance, streamlined and well-aligned
  • Macro-management: strategy, systems, and integrations

UFA's Role, Service, & Value


Leading the pack in coordinated effectiveness

Managing the day to day of a thriving business and future-proofing it at the same time isn’t easy, but you don’t have to do it alone.


You provide, we protect

It’s your job to bring home the bacon, it’s our job to make absolutely sure that your profit is protected and your finances are safeguarded.


Think steady; stay ready

When your books squeaky clean and you’re not muddying the waters with “the way we’ve always done it,” there’s no opportunity you can’t chase.

Celebrating Unshakable Loyalty

Michelle came highly recommended to us when our long-time bookkeeper was retiring. She worked with us with the system we had in place, while at the same time streamlining our process, making us more efficient. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, honest, and extremely competent, and we highly recommend her.

— Christian Mester, Esquire
Lanham, Maryland

"If you're a small business owner who knows the cost of complacency, run-don't-walk into the caring and compassionate virtual arms of Unleashed Financial Solutions, blue ribbon success champion and guardian of the bottom line.

— Rebecca Gunter, Owner at Stoned Fruit

You are the best! I thank my lucky stars for you.

— Catherine Bertram, Esquire, Washington, D.C.
Bertram Law Group, L.L.P.

Work with us

Partnership & Perspective, Footing & Fortitude

If you’re a small business who dare not be ineffective or irrelevant, get the Financial Stewardship, Systems Strategy, and Proactive Bookkeeping that inspires accountants and fosters operational elegance (streamlined and well-aligned). Reach out to start a conversation about how Unleashed Financial Advocates insulates entrepreneurs against the cost and chaos of not doing it right.